Payment Method

At Remit2Globe, we are proud to offer a variety of payment methods for our customers. We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as the following alternative methods:

  • E-wallets – we accept payment by PayPal
  • Bitcoin – we are the only online top-up company to accept payment by bitcoin. If bitcoin is still a little vague to you, here’s a brief description: bitcoin is essentially a peer-to-peer monetary system for online payments between individuals, businesses, and other entities that does not require a central authority and reduces fees. At Remit2Globe, we are happy to accept bitcoin. For those of you who are new to bitcoin, may we remind you that bitcoin is usually bought through what’s called exchanges. You can buy them using several payment methods including cash, credit and debit cards, wire transfers, and even in some cases other cryptocurrencies. Still unclear? Take a look at this helpful guide for more information.


At present, we accept payment in U.S. dollars, British Pounds, and Euros. We will add more currencies soon.

1. Tell us the mobile number you wish to top-up
2. Tell us how much credit you wish to add
3. Pay

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