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    About us

    Remit2globe allows people to recharge their phone credit in an easy and quick way by simply buying credit online which is sent to the phone number they choose. With Remit2globe, an individual can recharge both his or her own phone credit as well as the credit his or her friends and family in other countries.

  • Trading name - Remit2globe
  • Contact details
    • Trading address: 72 Cardigan Street, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 1RR
    • Email address:
    • Contact phone number: +44(0)3300100734


    Cookie policy

    What are cookies?

    Cookies are files combined of letters and numbers which is stored in a person’s web browser within his or her computer. A cookie essentially enables a site to differentiate a specific user and his or her computer from other users and their computers.

    Do cookies retain my personal data?

    In most cases, cookies do not hold or retain personal data. However in some cases, they can hold small amounts of personal data if you’ve already consented to and provided data to the site.

    Can I delete cookies?

    You can manage your cookies through your web browser. In most browsers, cookies can be managed in the settings section.


    Data collection and sharing

    At Remit2Globe, we do not share the personal data of our customers unless they consent to it or in the case that the processes or services requires disclosure to a third-party.

    We use the world’s leading and most secure forms of safety for your payment information and payment processes. For information about the security of your financial information, please see our security page.

    When you top-up with Remit2Globe, we are required to share your mobile number with the operating carrier. This is required to complete the top-up. The mobile carrier can be located outside of the European Economic Area.

    Remit2Globe reserves the right to share its customer’s personal data if it is served with legal summons, warrant, court order or in the case that a regulatory framework, law, directive, or policy must be adhered to.

  • The types of data we collect

    As part of our service, we collect two types of data from our customers. The first type is personal data and non-personal data.

    Personal data is data that can be easily attributed to a person or allow someone to be recognized/identified by it. We do collect the following bits of personal data:

  • Our customers’:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Billing address
    • Telephone number
    • IP address
    • Any further information that they have provided through forms on the site including registration information.
    • Information should a problem arise
    • Records of correspondence between Remit2Globe and its customers
    • Information on top-up transactions
    • Your visits to our site
    • The mobile number of the phone that is to be topped-up

  • How does Remit2Globe use personal data?

    It is possible that Remit2Globe uses its customers’ personal data in one or many of the following ways:

    • To assist sending the credit our customers buy and any payment processes.
    • To provide discounts, bonuses, or promotions
    • To contact a customer should it become needed
    • To assist in sending credit to our customers’ mobiles
    • To contact our clients should it become necessary in delivering credit
    • To provide information to customers about services that might be of interest
    • To tell customers about changes in policy
    • To deliver customer service
    • To analyse data for marketing purposes
    • To prevent fraud

  • Do we give non-personalized/anonymous data to third parties?

    We may share non-personalized/anonymous data with third parties such as on the demographics of our users or information on unique visitors to our site.

  • What happens if Remit2Globe is acquired by another company?

    If Remit2Globe is acquired by another company, merges with another company, or is liquidated in either of these cases, we reserve the right to transfer our assets and the personal data of our customers. Should this scenario arise, you will be notified and also, given the option to opt-out.

  • Is there a chance of something going wrong with the data I send to you?

    Given the nature of the modern internet, we cannot guarantee full security of all the information you send to us. This is a common practice as nothing sent via the internet can be, with 100% certainty, secure. Our goal is to provide you with the safest online environment and we’ve have taken many steps to do this. For more information, please see our security page

  • Sales of data for direct marketing

    If you have consented, we reserve the right to send you marketing material about our own products or services and also, information about other such products and services that may interest you. You have the ability to opt-out or unsubscribe to this.

    We do not, however sell your personal data to third parties purely for the purpose of profit.

  • How can I erase my personal data?

    Yes, you can. If you would like to modify, update, or erase your data, please contact us and we will work with you to do so. This is a free of charge service.

  • What happens if Remit2Globe changes its privacy or cookies policy?

    We reserve the right to change, modify, or update our cookies and privacy policy. You will always be duly informed of this and it will also be broadcast on our website should a change occur.

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