Terms and Conditions

  • A.1 Introduction
  • Trading name- Remit2globe
  • Contact details
    • Registered address : 72 Cardigan Street, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 1RR
    • Email address : support@remit2globe.com 
    • Contact phone number : +44(0)3300100734
  • A.2 Information About Us
    • Remit2globe allows people to recharge their phone credit in an easy and quick way by simply buying credit online which is sent to the phone number they choose. With Remit2globe, an individual can recharge both his or her own phone credit as well as the credit his or her friends and family in other countries.

  • A.3 Registration
    • In order to take advantage of our services, you must set up an account through registration which can be found on the Remit2Globe website. When you register, you submit various information which will lead to the creation of an account. You may only register once.
    • When you submit your information in the process of setting up an account, you admit and agree to the fact that everything you have provided is truthful, complete, accurate, and factual. The burden of responsibility for informing Remit2Globe should changes in data happen is on the consumer/customer. All data that is provided to Remit2Globe shall be processed and treated in line with and in accordance to Remit2Globe’s Privacy and Cookies Policy.
    • If it is the case that a customer is under the age of 18, he or she is required to get the consent of his or her parent or legal guardian. In the case that a customer is acting on behalf of an employer, company, or organisation, he or she must get consent on the behalf of said employer, company, or organisation.

  • A.4 Password and Email Address
    • Upon registering with Remit2Globe, each customer shall supply a valid email address and create a password.
    • The consumer is responsible for all activity done under his or her username/email and password. This includes unauthorized use of the consumer’s credit card whilst logged-in to his or her account. The consumer may not disclose his or her password to any third party and are solely responsible for safeguarding it. Should the consumer become aware of unauthorized use of his or her account, he or she must inform Remit2Globe immediately.
    • If the consumer looses or forgets his or her password, he or she can reset it here.

  • A.5 Our Customers’ Data
    • Any data we collect in delivering our services is subject to and treated under our Privacy and Cookies policy. By using our service and agreeing to these terms, the consumer expressly consents to his or her data being processed, stored, and shared as stated in the privacy and cookies policy. We suggest that the consumer carefully reads the privacy and cookies policy should he or she have any questions about data collection, aggregation, and use.
    • It is important to note that any data that is sent via email through the internet cannot be guaranteed as safe.
    • Remit2Globe is entitled to record and store all communications between it and its consumers.

  • A.6 Sending Mobile Credit and Costs

    If the consumer wishes to send mobile credit, he or she consents expressly to the following provisions:

    • Remit2Globe shall only deliver credit top-up for the providers listed and the countries listed. This is subject to change. The consumer shall be notified should a change take place.
    • t is the responsibility of the consumer to input the correct mobile number in the correct space on Remit2Globe’s website. He or she is also responsible for choosing the right amount to be topped-up.
    • The total cost of the top-up depends on the amount of credit the consumer wishes to purchase. Before confirming the credit top-up, the total cost and amount will be displayed. In the case the currencies need to be exchanged, there may be slight variations in final price as the FX rate changes quickly. Remit2Globe will also charge the consumer a processing fee for each addition of credit. The consumer may also, if he or she wishes, have an SMS sent to his or her mobile as a confirmation. An additional fee for this will apply.

  • Delivery
    • Consumers are required to purchase goods/services at the time at which they are delivered or when these goods have become available in accordance to these terms and conditions.
    • But for what has already been agreed to, delivery will take place by e-mail address and/or cellular phone number which the consumer has provided.
    • Consumers are fully responsible to provide data for delivery. This includes an e-mail address, a cellular phone number and or home address. It it’s the case that there was an error in entry by the consumer, Remit2globe is unable to provide any new goods, and, in particular, cannot issue a reimbursement for prepaid recharges/recharge codes.
    • Consumers are fully responsible to buy the product that they want. It it’s the case that a consumer has purchased a product by error or incorrectly, or if the recharge has been delivered and conforms to these general conditions, Remit2globe cannot and holds no responsibility for issuing reimbursements for prepaid recharges/recharge codes.
    • If there is an occurrence of unauthorized payment such as but not limited to: theft, fraud, or misappropriation), Remit2globe retains the right to stop providing its services, goods, or products. If Remit2globe suspects that unauthorized use is occurring, it is further authorized to delay delivery of services until it is provided with proof of identity, a bank account statement or a personal from the consumer.
    • If there are technical difficulties, Remit2globe retains the right to authorize temporary termination of the delivery products and/or services. If there comes a case in which an incorrect number of products or products with an incorrect value have been issued due to said technical difficulties, consumers are required to inform Remit2globe about the problem and return any products that were not ordered or paid for. In the case that a consumer does not return surplus products and/or services, Remit2globe considers these products to be accepted and reserves the right to charge for them.
    • Any products delivered by Remit2globe remain its property until full payment from each consumer has been made and verified.
    • Remit2globe reserves the right of withdrawal in certain circumstances. This right does not apply in the case of credit that is pre-paid or credit cards or payment codes that are pre-paid.

  • Delivery Time
    • The delivery time stated in these terms and conditions are purely approximations which do not guarantee a specific delivery time. That being said, the delivery of services will never exceed 7 days except in cases of force majeure.
    • If it is the case that delivery time has failed, the consumer is obliged to notify Remit2globe of the occurrence through its contact form which can be found at: www.remit2globe.com. The consumer is obliged to allow Remit2globe a window of time to respond which is reasonable and in which it can assess the situation and meet any obligations.
    • Payment methods can impact delivery times. When purchasing services from Remit2globe, the consumer will be notified at payment if such a situation is to occur. Remit2globe reserves the right never to process services that have been purchased until payment has been verified and has been received.


    The consumer acknowledges that he or she looses the right to cancel any added credit once Remit2Globe’s services have been delivered. With that said, the consumer shall have no right for a refund under European Union consumer information and cancellation regulations.

    Remit2Globe reserves the right to limit how many credit top-ups can take place per consumer.

  • B.1 Users – Instructions

    The consumer shall ensure that all and any instructions listed on the website of Remit2Globe are accurate, true, and complete.

    The consumer agrees that all and any confirmed instructions are final and binding between him or her and Remit2Globe.

  • B.2 Financial Transactions Using Credit Cards 

    Remit2Globe’s services may be purchased using all major debit and credit cards, and bitcoin. For some transactions, a billing address is needed. Once Remit2Globe receives a request for services, it will submit a request to the mobile operator the consumer works with.

    By using our service, the consumer agrees to Remit2Globe acting upon the consumer’s instruction to debit his or her credit or debit card that was provided through the website.

    This agreement further states that Remit2Globe takes no responsibility to further verify or authenticate the consumer’s information beyond the password/username authentication provided on the site.

    Remit2Globe accepts liability for defective execution of credit top-up purchased on its website while being subject to this agreement. Any misuse of the services provided by Remit2Globe or breach of these terms makes liability strictly limited to the amount of unexecuted credit.

  • B.3 Bonuses, Sales, and Promotions

    Remit2Globe will sometimes offer its customers bonuses, sales, or promotions. These exceptional sales will be subject to a separate set of terms and conditions which will be easily available to the consumer who wishes to see them.

  • B.4 The Obligations of the Customer 

    Any devices or electronic equipment needed to access Remit2Globe must be maintained and taken care of by the consumer. The consumer holds all responsibility in this area. If the consumer wishes to access Remit2Globe’s website via a mobile device, he or she acknowledges that mobile data charges may apply and that these are solely the responsibility of him or her.

    The consumer acknowledges that this agreement to which he or she agrees is meant to remove the risks of people misusing Remit2Globe’s site or services. The consumer is therefore liable to adhere to, so far as the law permits, this agreement. The consumer acknowledges that he or she is liable for any costs, damages, loss to Remit2Globe and its partners should he or she not adhere to this agreement.

  • B.5 Services and Information from Third Parties 

    Some services may, although not necessarily are, created or administered by third parties. Remit2Globe is not obliged to verify the accuracy or quality of third party services. The consumer is obliged to make his or her own inquiries into such third party transactions.

  • B.6 Terminating an Agreement

    These terms and conditions to which the consumer agrees applies to every credit top-up purchased on Remit2Globe’s website. Remit2Globe reserves the right to suspend, withdraw, or terminate this agreement in the following cases:

    • If the consumer requests it
    • If the consumer breaches any of the terms or conditions laid out in this agreement or where there are major grounds for termination.
    • If the consumer is insolvent or bankrupt or unable to pay amounts that are due.
    • If Remit2Globe reasonably believes that its services are being used in a negligent, fraudulent way.

    There is no duration for this agreement and continues to be binding on all parties until it is terminated for one of the above reasons. The consumer may cancel his or her account and thereby this agreement at any time without reason by submitting to Remit2Globe written notice. This does not expunge the consumer’s liability for any outstanding debt on any account before the termination takes place. If the consumer wishes to terminate his or her account, Remit2Globe will refund any credit to his or her account within a reasonable amount of time.

    Remit2Globe reserves the right to annul any transactions in progress at the termination of this agreement. Remit2Globe holds no responsibility for any loss in a transaction as a result of termination.

  • B.7 Feedback

    If a consumer elects to send feedback or suggestions to Remit2Globe, he or she expressly consents to Remit2Globe’s using, reproducing, publishing, modifying, adapting, and transmitting such communications to other parties without charge. This will be done under Remit2Globe’s obligations as laid out in the Privacy and Cookies Policy.

  • B.8 Adjustments and Modifications to Terms and Conditions 

    Remit2Globe reserves fully the right to change, modify, or update these terms and conditions for any legal or commercial reason. Such a change comes into effect and is applied to the consumer 14 days after it was originally posted. The methods of posting such a change can be via: email blast, post, or website message.

    The consumer may, should he or she wish, cancel or opt-out of services with Remit2Globe in reaction to a change in terms and conditions. Should the consumer do this however, he or she is still liable for obligations under prior terms and conditions including but not limited to indebtedness for any account or through any other financial, legal, or otherwise reason that existed prior to this change.

  • B.9 Notices to Customers

    Remit2Globe will contact its customers via email, mobile, text message or through other means to update them of new services, changes in existing services or other updates. The consumer may opt-out of this should he or she wish by contacting Remit2Globe’s customer service.

  • B.10 Use of Remit2Globe Website

    Remit2Globe holds no liability for any damage caused to a consumer’s electronic devices from its website. Further, in agreeing to these terms, the consumer agrees that he or she browses at his or her own risk.

  • B.11 IP Rights

    The consumer may only use, download, display, and view Remit2Globe’s website or intellectual property as it stands in the process of using Remit2Globe’s services. Unless otherwise stated, all intellectual property is owned and full controlled by Remit2Globe. Should the consumer reproduce, copy, share, sell, alter, or adapt any part of the Remit2Globe website, he or she will be liable for all damages and costs incurred.

  • B.12 Privacy and Data Protection

    Remit2Globe adheres to and follows data protection law that applies to the consumer. See the Privacy and Cookies Policy for more information on data protection.

  • B.13 Suspension of Services

    If an event should arise which results in a disruption, failure, unavailability, malfunction or Remit2Globe’s services or products on the website or if there is a serious threat to security, Remit2Globe reserves the right to halt its services so that it can, within a reasonable amount of time, remedy and resolve any issues. Further, Remit2Globe reserves the right to suspend services in the case of planned or unplanned upgrades to its site. The consumer also acknowledges that Remit2Globe reserves the right to suspend his or her service if Remit2Globe reasonably believes that he or she is using the service in a fraudulent or unlawful way.

  • B.14 Force Majeure

    Remit2Globe is not liable or in any way in breach of any obligations laid out in these terms and agreements should an act of god, fire, government, country, war, civil unrest, embargo, or failure of its computer network or system occur. This also is extended to any hindrances from network or phone providers, issues with electricity or energy, labour disputes of any sort, issues with payments by an agent, or any other occurrence beyond the control of Remit2Globe.

  • B.15 Maintenance, Availability, and Security

    By using Remit2Globe’s services, the consumer agrees to and acknowledges that any communications via the internet cannot be guaranteed as being secure and could, in theory, be intercepted by a third party. Remit2Globe therefore cannot guarantee privacy or confidentiality for such communications via the internet. However, it will put forth appropriate security measures to mitigate any possibilities.

    Remit2Globe may, from time to time, and as it sees fit for reasons of security, maintenance, or upgrades do the following:

    • Make specific parts or the whole website unavailable for consumers
    • Delay the implementation of new or updated services
    • Update authentication processes, change or reissue the consumer’s password

  • B.16 Agency of the Customer

    The consumer agrees that he or she has entered into this agreement for his or her own benefit and not the benefit of another person. These terms and conditions may not be subcontracted or reassigned to any other person on the consumer’s behalf.

  • B.17 Limited Liability

    Remit2Globe in no way holds any responsibility for improper, unauthorised, immoral, illegal, or fraudulent use of its website and services. Remit2Globe and all of its directors, managers, officers, employees, and contractors bear no liability or responsibility for any type of damage, loss, of harm toward a third party arising from use of the website including but not limited to any direct, incidental, accidental, special, indirect or punitive damage or loss of money or data. This however does not limit liability for the death or personal injury that was caused by any negligence or other matter which is excluded in the scope of legally excluding liability.

    No other damages besides compensatory damages which are strictly limited to the amount of credit or other value paid in relation to services provided on the website and where fault is clearly and solely on Remit2Globe shall any costs be incurred by Remit2Globe.

    The consumer holds no right to indemnity against Remit2Globe.

    Remit2Globe holds no responsibility or liability, vicarious or personal, for the failure of the consumer to adhere to these terms and conditions.

    The consumer agrees and acknowledges that Remit2Globe’s website, products, and services are provided ‘as is’. Remit2Globe makes no warranties in relation to the use or the availability of its website, services, and products that are provided therein.

  • B.18 Applicable Law

    Remit2Globe falls under the sole jurisdiction and governance of the United Kingdom (UK) and therefore should any disputes of issues arise, they shall be dealt with in UK courts under exclusive UK judicial jurisdiction. 

  • B.19 Severability

    Should any parts of these terms and services become illegal, unenforceable, or invalid, that invalidity shall not impact the validity of the rest of the terms. 

  • B.20 Waiver

    Any waiver for a breach or default of the provision in these terms and conditions is not to be construed for a waiver for any breach following or succeeding similar, the same, or other provisions. It shall also not delay or omit Remit2Globe’s ability to exercise any right, privilege, or power to operate as a waiver for a breach done by the consumer.

  • B.21 Customer Support

    If the consumer has any questions about these terms and conditions, he or she may contact Remit2Globe through customer care.

    Currencies of Transaction – Remit2globe uses and accepts three main currencies: the British Pound, the Euro, and the US Dollar. Remit2globe also accepts Bitcoin as a means of payment.

  • Cancellation, Refunds, and Returns
    • According to this agreement, all consumers must check all goods purchased as soon as they are delivered or in a reasonable time thereafter. Consumers are required to check to see if the goods delivered to them correspond with the agreement, in particular:
      • Have the goods the consumer purchased been delivered correctly;
      • Have the goods that have been delivered correspond to the quality which was agreed to/required.
    • If there is a noticeable fault or deficiency, we require that consumers report this issue to Remit2globe within a three-day margin after services were delivered. Assuming that there was timely notification to Remit2globe, we reserve the right to replace the flawed goods or, if we decided to do so, issue a refund. All other liability is excluded from this, in particular, the liability to pay damages to consumers.
    • We require consumers to take the necessary steps to minimize any damage to the goods we deliver.
    • Consumers are obliged to follow all and any indications in regards to storing and handling goods which we deliver and also, which we describe in the accompanied specifications which specifically relate to the delivered goods, or user guide.
    • Remit2globe does not accept any liability whatsoever if what is stipulated above is not met.
    • Goods which have been delivered by Remit2globe that have been rejected by consumers can be returned only to Remit2globe in the case that prior written, express consent has been given.

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